About me


Only temporarily

My name is Jamie Green, I was born in 1989 in a town called Grantham in England. Currently I still live there. Since leaving school I have had a part time occasionally full time job as a waiter. Around work I have studied both website design and programming.


Programming and website design
During the time I spent learning website development I studied HTML, CSS, PHP and MYSQL, although I have moved to programming. I still make use of the skills I gained most recently I built my website for my company Option Software. Since moving to programming I have looked at a variety of popular languages, including Java and C#. However I have settled on using VB.NET and WPF having recently made the change from using Windows Forms. To read more about my work as a programmer click here.


Why am I doing this?
Throughout the time I have spent studying website development and programming and even using a computer, I have come against problems that have taken hours or even days to solve. Many of which were solved through the help of other people either on forums or on posts on their personal websites. Therefore I figured I would return the favour. I am also hoping to use the site to promote myself and my business Option Software.


I also have a lot of things to say on a variety of technology related topics, and I will be making the occasional review or post on games, movies and music. I know you can find reviews everywhere, but im generally quite open minded about what im watching or playing plus I can appreciate things for what they are.
Outside of programming
During my spare time I listen to quite a lot of music, watch the odd film and play the occasional game mostly on the pc have no problem playing on consoles or handholds though. Im currently waiting for Guild wars 2 and final fantasy 13 versus.


The future
Ideally I am hoping to be successful working for myself, even if there are many disadvantages. Although if you want to offer me a job :) no making tea or coffee though I have already done plenty of that.
I would also like to find more time for practising on my guitar at least enough time to stop me sounding like a burning cat in a tumble dryer.